Having a strategy and process in place for managing your governance, risk and compliance around data protection is essential to every business. 

This involves designing policies and processes that best work for your business and allocating responsibility for managing and overseeing compliance to an  individual or a team of individuals within your organisation depending on your size and resources.

Understanding the importance of data , its use to your business and its protection should be at the top of the agenda of any business. Failing to protect personal data from loss, destruction or theft can be devastating . Many businesses that have suffered a cyber attack never recover .

Accessing professional support from IT experts, legal advisers, HR and Communications professionals can be expensive and this is often the reason smaller businesses tend to neglect their responsibility for the protection of personal data . 

GDPR REP.ORG understands these pressures . We have established a low cost affordable subscription based advisory and support service which provides access to experienced data protection experts and lawyers at a fraction of the cost of instructing a law firm or similar adviser. We also provide Non Executive Director services on Information Security and Data Protection Compliance via the placement of our Managing Director ( a qualified lawyer of over 30 years )  within your organisation  . For further information contact us : info@gdprep.org