Cyber attacks are an increasing threat to every trading business small or large .'Personal Data' is now a commodity in its own right.  Theft , destruction, loss of use or compromise of personal data can result in your business ceasing to trade,  be subject to regulatory fines and be on the receiving end of claims for civil compensation from affected individuals. As most businesses don't have cyber insurance, the consequences can be devastating. The inevitable truth is that the advancement of technology brings with it ever increasing threats to your information assets, networks and servers.

GDPR REP.ORG through its low cost ,affordable subscription based fee service can assist you in designing a security breach management plan that works for your business and which you can activate immediately in the event of a cyber attack.

GDPR REP.ORG can also provide post breach management support, advice and assistance. This includes working with forensic experts, advising you on your legal position, liaising with and representing you with regulators such as the ICO , investigating and advising on the cause of the security breach and  dealing with claims for civil compensation from affected individuals.

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