Here at GDPREP we are always keen to listen to our clients and understand how we can adapt to meet their needs and expectations. It was becoming clear that clients were increasingly concerned at the costs to their business in having to recruit a data protection officer ( if they could find one that is !) or by default engage the services of lawyers charging unrealistic fees thus distracting our clients from focusing on their business development and profitability. So we found a solution . GDPREP.ORG now offers start ups, scale ups and established businesses whatever their size or sector, affordable low cost subscription virtual Data Protection Officer services starting from just £99 per month.  You don't need to worry about  managing or affording  hefty legal bills or having to recruit and employ your own Data Protection Officer. Subscribe to the GDPREP.ORG  service and keep control of your finances and relax knowing your data protection compliance is being looked after by industry experts.

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