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Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation

Our services will ensure that you fulfil all of the requirements as set out in Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation.




These include:

  • Registering our involvement as your EU/UK GDPR Representative with the relevant Supervising Authority
  • Allowing our name, address and contact details to be included in all your privacy notices and communications
  • Acting as your point of liaison with all EU/UK based customers and data subjects
  • Acting as your first notification of contact for receiving communications and notices form relevant supervising authorities
  • Assisting you with the management and response to all data subject enquiries and requests including a data subjects rights to information, access, rectification, restriction, portability and notification of processing of their data
  • Assisting you with the management, reporting and notification of personal data breaches
  • Retaining a Record of your Personal Data Processing Activities (ROPA) and making this available upon request to all relevant Supervising Authorities
  • News and updates from around the EU and UK on matters relevant to GDPR Representation services such as changes to the law, fines and sanctions and court decisions








No Hidden Fees

You can be sure that all of the services that we provide are covered by your annual subscription fixed price fee. You will never be surprised with any hidden charges or costs.

If you are looking for a GDPR Representative or if you have any questions about our services at GDPRep, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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