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Are You Compliant with EU and UK Law?

If you are a Data Controller or Data Processor and your business is located outside of the EU and UK and sells goods or services within the EU or UK, or monitors the behaviour patterns of private individuals resident within the EU or UK, then subject to very limited exceptions you will be breaking the law (General Data Protection Regulation ‘GDPR’) unless you appoint a EU and or UK GDPR Representative.

To ensure that you properly comply with all EU and UK legislation, it is critical that you appoint a GDPR Representative to fulfil all of your obligations. At GDPRep, our  Article 27 GDPR EU and UK Representative service will safeguard your company and ensure that all of your organisations processes handling EU and UK personal data conform with GDPR. As such, your exposure to any substantial fines and regulatory action is minimised by our representation.

The EU GDPR came into force in March 2018 and applies to all member states. However, it also applies to organisations that are not based within the EU and therefore its reach is worldwide. The UK GDPR came into force on the UK leaving Europe in 2021 and by virtue of the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

The GDPR can be best described as the most important data protection law in the world. If you are a non-EU or UK  company handling data and/or providing goods and services in the EU and or the UK, make sure you adhere to this far-reaching legislation by appointing GDPRep as your GDPR Representative.




Our Data Representation Services

GDPR Representative in UK and EU

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GDPR Representative in all 28 EU Member states

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GDPR data requests in UK and EU

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GDPR Active inquiry Management in UK and EU

Active Inquiry Management

Article 30 Representative in UK and EU

Article 30 Record Retention

GDPR Representative providing Translation and Language services

Translation and Language Services



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Who We Work With

We are a worldwide service provider . Wherever you are in the world, if you sell goods and services in the EU or the UK , you need GDPR representation – and we can help you.

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Reasons to Choose GDPR REP


We work on a low cost  fixed annual fee subscription service the cost of which is dependent on the size of your business.  


Our team is made up of data privacy lawyers and practitioners with many years of experience in advising and representing global businesses, so you have the comfort and assurance that your compliance will be managed by data protection and privacy professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of how the GDPR applies to your business.


Appointing GDPR REP as your EU and or UK GDPR  Representative will ensure that you fulfil all of your obligations under Article 27 of the EU and UK GDPR allowing you to focus on the more important matters, such as your business.




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We are a Member of the UK Cyber Security Council , IAPP and the National Association of Data Protection officers. We are also registered  with the ICO.  

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Contact us today at GDPRep if you are looking for a UK or EU GDPR Representative. All enquiries shall be treated as confidential and non-binding.

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