Data Breach Management service

The GDPR Rep team of expert practitioners, data privacy and cyber security lawyers work with you on the investigation, notification and resolution of a personal data breach.

GDPR Rep - Data Breach Management service
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Data Breach Management service

A data breach can result from a series of cyber hacks such as phishing, malware, ransomware attacks, social engineering or simply down to employee error and negligence. For an organisation, a data breach can also have a significant and devastating impact on its reputation, credibility, and financial stability.

The way in which an organisation manages and responds to a data breach is critical, the GDPR Rep Data Breach Management service includes advice and assistance on the investigation, notification and resolution of a personal data breach. The GDPR Rep Data Breach Management service is led by a cyber security lawyer, experienced in advising, supporting, and representing organisations that have suffered at the hands of cyber criminals and rogue actors.

See below for an introduction to the key steps involved in how we work with you in responding to a data breach incident:

1. Identify the breach

The first step is to identify that a breach has occurred. This may involve detecting unauthorised access to systems or data, or
receiving reports from individuals who believe that their personal data has been compromised. Forensic analysis of logs and endpoint detection is critical in this first step.

2. Contain the breach

Once the breach has been identified, the next step is to contain it. This may involve isolating the affected systems, removing
unauthorised access, and restoring data from backups. We work with you and your IT team, and forensic experts to evidence containment in the formulation of both technical and legal reports and statements. This is essential when responding to any regulatory investigation and in defending civil compensation claims.

3. Investigate the breach

The next step is to investigate the breach to determine how it occurred and who was affected. This may involve interviewing
employees, reviewing logs, and conducting forensic analysis. Our team of skilled cyber security lawyers have substantial experience of investigating data security breaches internally within the organisation and outside of it. Getting and recording the relevant evidence is critical.

4. Notify affected individuals

If the breach is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, they must be notified without undue delay. The notification should include information about the breach, the steps that have been taken to address it, and advice on how individuals can protect themselves. We advise you on what notifications to make, when and to whom.

5. Report the breach to regulators

In some cases, you may also have to report the breach to relevant regulatory authorities. This is typically the case for breaches that involve the personal data of many individuals or that are particularly serious. We have many years of experience in liaising and corresponding with regulators.

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"GDPR Representation services you can trust. The GDPR team is made up of data privacy lawyers and practitioners with a deep understanding of GDPR."

Clive Mackintosh
Founder of GDPR Rep

The GDPR Rep mission

I founded GDPR Rep with a mission to provide quality, cost-effective GDPR representation and Data Protection services to businesses around the globe. Some of the benefits of the GDPR Rep outsourced Data Protection Officer service include:

Access to an experienced Data Protection Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing your own full-time DPO.

The GDPR Rep team is made up of expert practitioners, data privacy and cyber security lawyers with a deep understanding of data protection legislation.

Scale GDPR Rep services to meet your needs and requirements including your size and financial resources.

Peace of mind
Knowing that you have access to skilled data protection experts will provide you with confidence and peace of mind that you will be receiving best advice on your data protection compliance.

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