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A comprehensive consultancy service designed to help organisations implement and maintain an effective Governance, Risk and Compliance strategy.

GDPR Rep - Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services
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Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services

In today's digital world, data protection is more important than ever. Organisations that collect, store, or process personal data are subject to a wide range of regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and United Kingdom and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States.

Likewise, data protection regimes have been introduced and reformed in the UAE, Switzerland, Australia, China and Asia. The geo data protection landscape is evolving at fast pace and organisations that transact in international data transfers need access to specialist intelligence and expert legal advice.

To comply with these international data protection regulations, organisations need to implement a robust data protection governance, risk and compliance framework. This framework should include the following elements:

Data protection policies and procedures

These policies and procedures should define the organisation's approach to data protection, including its collection, storage, use, and disclosure of personal data.

Risk assessment

The organisation should conduct a risk assessment to identify and assess the risks to personal data. This assessment should identify the potential risks, their likelihood, and their severity.

Risk mitigation

The organisation should implement measures to mitigate the risks to personal data. These measures could include technical controls, such as encryption, and organisational controls, such as employee training.

Compliance monitoring

The organisation should monitor its compliance with data protection regulations and how they link with cross border jurisdictions. This monitoring should include regular audits and reviews.

The benefits of GDPR Rep Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services

GDPR Rep consultants have the expertise to help you
understand and comply with data protection regulations. They can provide guidance on the latest regulations and best practices.

Time savings
GDPR Rep consultants help you save time by taking on the
burden of implementing and maintaining a Governance, Risk and Compliance framework. This can free up your internal resources to focus on other priorities and save you time and money.

Peace of mind
GDPR Rep consultants provide you with confidence and
assurance knowing that they are highly skilled and experienced data protection practitioners compliant with data protection regulations.

GDPR Rep Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services
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"GDPR Representation services you can trust. The GDPR team is made up of data privacy lawyers and practitioners with a deep understanding of GDPR."

Clive Mackintosh
Founder of GDPR Rep

The GDPR Rep mission

I founded GDPR Rep with a mission to provide quality, cost-effective GDPR representation and Data Protection services to businesses around the globe. Some of the benefits of the GDPR Rep outsourced Data Protection Officer service include:

Access to an experienced Data Protection Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing your own full-time DPO.

The GDPR Rep team is made up of expert practitioners, data privacy and cyber security lawyers with a deep understanding of data protection legislation.

Scale GDPR Rep services to meet your needs and requirements including your size and financial resources.

Peace of mind
Knowing that you have access to skilled data protection experts will provide you with confidence and peace of mind that you will be receiving best advice on your data protection compliance.

GDPR REP, GDPR Representation

GDPR Representative Services

Build a custom plan, select the services you need.
Your dedicated GDPR contact

GDPR Representative, your point of contact within the EU/UK

For data subject enquiries, Regulators, and law enforcement liaison.

Data breach management GDPR

Data breach management

Working with you on investigation,
notification and resolution of a personal data breach.

Data Protection and Cyber Security legal support GDPR

Data Protection and Cyber Security legal support

Providing access to specialist legal advice when you need it.

GDPR Training icon

GDPR Training

Delivered by UK leading data protection and
cyber security lawyer.

Article 30 icon GDPR

Article 30 record retention

Ensuring your UK and EU processing activities are properly recorded, up to date and GDPR complaint.